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Documentary Side project

Interstellar Journey

For centuries, philosophers have theorized about the big, brooding mystery of the unknown, but only the unlikely pairing of scientists and artists was able to truly bring it alive. With the rise of astronomy came a style of art that educated the masses and encouraged people to take a deeper look at the cosmos.

Further Down The Road
The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence
Interstellar Journey
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I do and did a bunch of things


driven by curiosity 

Creative Stuff - Space Art, Urban Art, Typography, Graphic Design and

Videos with educational purpose 

What i do
My Way
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Curious By Default

What is it all about?

"Every day another talking head auditions for the role of visionary, trying to convince us that their speculations about the future are true. But real visionaries are more than just futurists. Their power lies less in prophecy than in giving us new perspectives on a constantly mutating world, perspectives that manage to be simultaneously timeless and new. Real visionaries are always dodgy characters, because they embrace strange, heretical, even dangerous ideas."

-  Terence McKenna

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